What Equipment Towing Services Do Towing Companies Provide?

We’re Glad You Asked

If you’ve ever rented a piece of equipment for a weekend do-it-yourself project, most likely you’ve had to deal with equipment transport. And, maybe you had to borrow a trailer from your cousin, and a truck from your neighbor, only to find out that the ball-hitch was too small. Not fun.

If this or something like this has ever happened to you-you’ll be happy to learn that you don’t need to trouble yourself with these types of equipment transport headaches. Towing companies, through the use of flatbed tow trucks and even Landolls, have the ability to easily transport almost any type of weekend warrior equipment necessary.


Why Flatbeds Work Best For Equipment Towing

Let’s say you’re renting a skid-steer to clear out and reclaim an area of your backyard. You’ve neglected it for some time now, and you’re finally set on getting the job done. So, you run on down to the rental store and pay to have the piece of equipment for 2 days. Now you need to have it transported to your home. Again, you could attempt to do it yourself but it might just be a bit more than you wanted to do:

  • First, you will need to rent or borrow a trailer that’s rated for at least the weight of the skid-steer.
  • Then you’ll have to rent or borrow a truck to tow the trailer.
  • You must then contend with ensuring that the trailer is secured and properly chained to the truck
  • From there you’ll need to load the skid-steer onto the trailer and secure it so that it doesn’t come loose during transport.
  • Once you’re happy with your load you’ll need to transport it to your home, which means possibly driving in heavy traffic.
  • When you make it to your residence you’ll need to unload the skid-steer and begin the work.
  • Skid-Steer Hauling
  • Farm Tractor Transport
  • Lawn Tractor Towing
  • Forklift Moving
  • Scissor-Lift Transportation
  • ATV Towing
  • We Move Sheds
  • Roadside Assistance Solutions
  • Tool Box Transport
  • Machinery Moving

The entire process can take you hours and waste much of the time you spent on renting the piece of equipment.

Choose HPC For Equipment Towing

We suggest that, rather than wasting your time borrowing, loading and unloading… Call HPC Auto Towing for all your equipment transport needs.
Our flatbed towing systems work much better than conventional tilt trailers. They’re also much safer and save you time.

  • Schedule your equipment towing needs in advance so that once you’ve paid for the rental fee you’ll have more time to use the equipment.
  • Our tow truck operators transport vehicles and equipment all day long and are well versed in properly securing these items during transport.
  • Using HPC Towing for your equipment transport helps you avoid liability during transport.
  • Forget about borrowing or renting a truck and trailer, this saves you both time and money. We charge a one-time fee.
  • Equipment Transport Made Easy

HPC Auto Towing wants to make your weekend warrior project go well, and we do that by offering equipment transport made easy. Spend your time working on your project, and let us take care of the transportation issues.